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Wholly Crepe offers a variety of catering packages that will suit your needs. Baby Showers, Baptisms, Wedding Showers, Weddings or just a quiet gathering among friends, let us do all the preparation so you can concentrate on having fun with your loved ones.


All you can eat 2 crepe option (dessert only)   10.99 per person

All you can eat 3 crepe option (savory and/or dessert)   11.99 per person

All you can eat 4 crepe option (savory and/or dessert)   12.99 per person

All you can eat 5 crepe option (savory and/or dessert)   13.99 per person


$80/hr Service Charge for Cooking Time (2 Hour Minimum)


Minimum Purchase Requirements: $500 (food cost only, excluding service charge for cooking time)

GLUTEN  FREE OPTIONS. $10 PER BATCH  ( 1 batch = 10 crepes)

Disposable Plates, Utensils and Napkins Included







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